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11 September 2023

Gazprom-Media Holding launches a neuro production studio

Gazprom-Media Holding launches pilot production of content based on Artificial Intelligence technologies (AI). The neuro production studio will be opened at the Holdings’s R&D laboratory, D. lab. This was announced by Eduard Maas, Head of D. lab, at the Eastern Economic Forum 2023 (EEF 2023).

The studio is currently developing AIGC projects (AI-generated content) for the Holding’s companies, including animation based on generative technologies, virtual presenters, processing of archive content, and special advertising projects.

It is planned that D. lab’s developments will not only be used within the Holding. The lab is preparing to offer the market its solutions in the sphere of content production automation, which will help to reduce costs and significantly speed up the process. The solutions are not only designed for professional content producers interested in implementing the latest technologies. D. lab’s developments are also aimed at companies in the corporate sector that will have the opportunity to significantly expand ways of communicating with their customers and employees. Negotiations are already underway with banks, state corporations and the media advertising businesses.

AIGC is no longer just hype with funny pics and vids, but a major transformation for media. Neural networks now make it possible to do more than just make memes—they grab and optimize the professional production process. Along with major and user-generated content, neural network content will be quite firmly on its feet very soon. As a media holding company, we decided to get seriously involved in this inescapable trend and actively develop in the AIGC sphere. We have strong expertise in professional production, and we are developing user content platforms. We did not launch the D. lab neuro studio to have robots do everything. They won’t make us a hit series or a top show, but they will help us relieve creators of routine and cut the cost of some processes by at least two thirds. For example, instead of hand-drawing different backgrounds, characters or details, we can select options proposed by neural networks, created on the basis of prompts. So far, we have pilot production rather than serial production, and one of the most important tasks of the neuro studio is to research and form new industrial standards for content production, which means new chains and new competencies.
Eduard Maas Head of D.lab

The work of D. lab studio is based on AI technologies that use more than 20 Artificial Intelligence models—open source, third-party and in-house—specializing in image and video generation, text generation and processing, computer vision, and speech recognition and generation. Each project has its own set of models that D. lab further trains and customizes for specific tasks.

Using these tools, avatars are created, landscape videos are enhanced and become portrait, literary works are turned into animated renderings with synthesized, realistic voices, movies are transformed into cartoons, and movie characters change their articulation depending on the dubbing language.

Gazprom-Media Holding plans to present its AIGC developments on its own platforms on specially created channels (RUTUBE and Yappy), which D.lab will launch this fall.

Examples of D.lab’s AIGC video developments