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12 September 2023

Gazprom-Media Holding at EEF 2023: AI technologies, SME support, and international partnership

Top managers of Gazprom-Media Holding and its companies participated in the business program of the Eastern Economic Forum 2023, that took place from September 10 to 13 in Vladivostok. Gazprom-Media Holding became the media partner of EEF 2023. The Forum was organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

Yulia Golubeva, Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding, moderated the “Creative Nation: Regional Initiatives and International Partnerships in the Creative Economy” session. Participants discussed the impact of creative industries on the country’s investment attractiveness, the scaling of successful projects, and international cooperation.

Using the example of Gazprom-Media Holding and international partnerships in current realities, I would like to point out that we are actively cooperating with South Korea, Mongolia, and Latin America. Over the past 18 months, 70% of international sales of our films and series production have gone to the countries in the Asian region, primarily China. This year, the Thai market, which is relatively new for us, has shown interest in Russian content. We are now actively negotiating the sale of content rights with several major players in the Thai market.
Yulia Golubeva Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding

Eduard Maas, Head of D.lab (Gazprom-Media Holding’s digital laboratory), took part in several events where he talked about the transformation of the media industry using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The “Talent Selection: Human Resources for the Creative Economy of the Far East” session was organized as part of the Creative Business Forum. The “AI—Evolution or Threat to Humanity?” session was organized by Sber, official partner of EEF 2023.

AI technologies are coming to us in the media faster, as we are very close to people, and we are getting ever closer. Only six months or a year ago, the first pictures generated by neural networks appeared, yet now in our lab, already about 80% of work with animation is done by AI. Media is gradually becoming a process. We won’t receive content recommended by systems, but will get content generated for us by our digital footprint. We will be constantly communicating with media. That is why it is extremely important what neural networks are trained on. At the moment, it is Western datasets on Western culture. But we are already actively training them on our folklore and our cultural array. Localizing datasets is now one of the most important tasks.
Eduard Maas Head of D.lab (Gazprom-Media Holding’s digital laboratory)

Gazprom-Media Sales House held its own session, “Supporting and Developing the SME Segment: The Role of Media in Economic Cooperation between Russia and Asia”. The speakers were representatives of the media industry, business and branch associations. They focused on the role of media as a tool for scaling business and promoting products on the Russian and Asian markets. The session was moderated by Alina Efimova, Deputy General Director for Sales and Business Development of Gazprom-Media Sales House.

For promoting Chinese brands on the Russian market, it is necessary to remember that in Russia, the key role is played by traditional media: television, radio and outdoor advertising. However, today the share of SMEs in the Russian TV advertising infrastructure at national level is quite small at between 2 and 4%, while at regional level, in cities with a million inhabitants, it has increased from 20 to 30% in the last two years alone. In radio broadcasting, the share of SMEs has increased from 21% to 25% over this period.
Alina Efimova Deputy General Director for Sales and Business Development of Gazprom-Media Sales House

Vasily Konov, Deputy General Producer of Match TV, moderated the “Sports Far East” session. The discussion was attended by representatives of government agencies from Russia, China and Malaysia, heads of sports associations, and Olympians. The speakers discussed the development of domestic sports and international cooperation.

Russia and China have already been holding crossover competitions for the last two years. Moreover, Chinese athletes prepare and train in Russia. A very broad sports program has been prepared within the EEF framework by Roscongress and federations with the support of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. Now, for example, eight countries are taking part in the rowing program.
Vasily Konov Deputy General Producer of Match TV

Antonina Priezzheva, HR Director of Gazprom-Media Holding, took part in the “Toward a Common Future: What Social and Cultural Business Initiatives await the Far East” session. She spoke about the PROfnavigator educational career guidance project and its “KIT Territory” direction, the formation of moral guidelines for young people, and the inclusion of a social agenda in Gazprom-Media Holding’s products.

Our advantage is the availability of a large media resource that we actively use to support social initiatives. At the same time, our efforts are aimed at development and assistance, regardless of the region in which we operate. This is the power of the media: the breadth of coverage and drawing attention to a wide range of issues. We also understand that contact with the audience is very important for results, a dialog that online format can never replace. And that is why Gazprom-Media Holding experts travel to the regions and hold creative meetings, lectures and film screenings, and invite people from all over the country to participate in projects, thereby expanding the geography of our initiatives. As a result, we invariably see the result: social investments have a quantitative and qualitative effect, which we record as part of implementation of the Holding’s corporate social responsibility program.
Antonina Priezzheva HR Director of Gazprom-Media Holding

Discussion materials with the participation of the Holding’s speakers are available on the website and on Gazprom-Media Holding’s TG channel. Broadcasts of the plenary session and international cooperation, education and technologies sessions are available on RUTUBE.

D.lab, Gazprom-Media Sales House, Match TV and national video hosting RUTUBE are part of Gazprom-Media Holding.