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19 January 2023

Gazprom-Media Holding reports on results of its anti-piracy campaign in 2022

Gazprom-Media Holding summarizes the results of its anti-piracy campaign in 2022:

  • The holding initiated the blocking and removal of more than 7 million links to illegally placed copies of its Internet content. It is 67% more than in 2021 (4.2 million). In particular, 4.6 million links were removed from Yandex search results at the holding’s request (2.6 million in 2021), and 2.8 million — from Google search results (0.9 million in 2021).
  • During the year, the holding initiated 854 lawsuits. Some of them included claims for intellectual property compensation for copyright infringement. Court decisions were received on them for the payment of 8.7 million rubles. It is 30% more than the total for the previous 4 years.
  • Telegram has ceased to be the fastest growing platform for the illegal distribution of GPMH video content. During the year, the holding initiated blocking of about 7,500 small channels that violate copyright through the administration of the messenger. Their audience turned out to be substantially smaller than in 2021, when the number of subscribers to such channels fluctuated around 100,000.

Gazprom-Media Holding searches for violators using its own Copyright Protection IT system. It is improved every year to meet the growing technological equipment of pirates. This approach gives GPMH the advantage allowing it to fight against unauthorized distribution of its content online effectively and quickly.

Gazprom-Media Holding is one of the country’s largest video content rights holders, and every pirated link takes money out of the holding’s pocket. Last year the situation with piracy escalated, so we optimized our work: we began to spend more resources on protection within the framework of the anti-piracy memorandum and interaction with Roskomnadzor, strengthened judicial protection and work with officers of justice, and also fought offline piracy in cinemas and bars that broadcast sports content illegally. As a result, we managed to block more than 95% of links found to illegal copies of our content and multiply the amount of monetary compensation that we return to the rights holders of the holding — primarily TNT and Match TV.
Pavel Rusakov Head of the GPMH the Intellectual Property Enforcement Department

Top 5 most pirated projects of Gazprom-Media Holding in 2022:

1. Comedy Club (TNT)
2. Sledstviye veli (NTV)
3. Italian Football Championship (Match TV)
4. Champions League (Match TV)
5. SashaTanya (TNT)

Gazprom-Media Holding plans for 2023 include removing its illegally placed content from libraries of foreign sites and continuing to work with offline piracy in cinemas and HoReCa segment locations (restaurants and bars) that broadcast sports content without public permission.