8 February 2023
Yulia Golubeva took part in the RUIE forum

Yulia Golubeva, Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding, took part in the session “Intellectual Rights in the Conditions of Separation of Markets, Economies and Countries”. The session was held as part of the Forum on Creative, High-Tech Industries and Intellectual Property of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE). Yulia Golubeva answered questions regarding the prospects for introducing the institution of a compulsory license, and others.
Due to the outflow of foreign copyright holders from the Russian media market and their refusal to renew old and conclude new licensing agreements, Russian legislators began to discuss the option of refusing copyright protection on the territory of our country—the so-called “compulsory license”.
However, according to Yulia Golubeva, Gazprom-Media Holding does not feel an urgent need for a compulsory license.

We have always considered the production and promotion of high-quality Russian content as one of the main vectors of our development. The current situation confirms the correctness of the path we have chosen.
Yulia Golubeva
Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Holding

At the same time, the outflow of foreign copyright holders was really massive, and for some segments of the market a legislative initiative on a compulsory license could be useful.
Answering the question of the illegal use of copyright items by users who post UGC content, Yulia Golubeva said: “It does not matter for us whose rights these are. It is important that they are respected”.
Upon receipt of a claim from the copyright holder, it will be considered regardless of the applicant's geographical jurisdiction.
Golubeva also said that an audio library should soon become available on RUTUBE, which can be used on absolutely legal and free basis for all RUTUBE users.

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