On September 27, the Association of Managers of Russia (AMR), in conjunction with Kommersant Publishing House, issued the annual Top 1000 Russian Managers rating. The main principle of the rating is “The best select the best.” This year, 26 representatives of Gazprom-Media Holding have been included in the rating in the “Media Business,” “Professional Services,” “Communication and Advertising Agencies,” and “Online Platforms” categories.
Aleksandr Zharov, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding, is on the top list in the “Business Leaders” category. In the “Media Business” category, two top managers of the holding have been recognized as leaders: Aleksandr Moiseev, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, has been ranked as the best Digital Transformation Director, and Antonina Priezzheva, HR and Administrative Issues Director, has been named the best HR Director. Lyudmila Smirnova, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gazprom-Media Holding, who joined the holding's team in June, tops the list of Financial Directors in the “Communication and Telecommunication” category.
In addition, the following representatives of the holding’s assets are on the top lists in various categories:
Lanna Antonova, Commercial Director, NTV (TV company)
Ekaterina Veselkova, General Director, Gazprom-Media Sales House
Alina Efimova, Deputy General Sales Director, Gazprom-Media Sales House
Marianna Ivanova, Head of Legal Division, GPM Radio
Vasily Konov, General Director, Match+
Tatiana Krylova, Finance and Operational Effectiveness Director, Gazprom-Media Sales House
Vera Larlomkina, HR Director, Gazprom-Media Sales House
Evgenia Lenskaya, Director of Marketing and Public Relations Department, GPM KIT
Anastasia Lisova, Marketing Director, NTV (TV company)
Sofia Mitrofanova, General Director, Premier
Maria Pasova, Deputy General Director/Operational Director, Pyatnitsa (TV company)
Artyom Pulikov, Deputy General Director for Development and Monetization of Digital Assets, Gazprom-Media Sales House
Anna Rudnik, Head of Public Relations Unit, Gazprom-Media Sales House
Yulia Ryzhova, HR Director, GPM Radio
Marina Savina, Financial Director, Match TV
Anastasia Selezneva, Financial Director, GPM Radio
Ilya Sitkovsky, Deputy General Director/Executive Director, NTV (TV company)
Vladimir Stupnikov, General Director, Aura Management Company
Aleksandr Tashchin, General Producer, Match TV
Andrey Tereshok, General Director, GPM KIT
Olga Timofeeva, Head of Marketing and Research Division, Gazprom-Media Sales House
Aleksey Filia, Director of Strategy and Development of Advertising Products Department, Gazprom-Media Sales House