Gazprom-Media Holding has announced the appointment of Ekaterina Veselkova as the general manager of Gazprom-Media’s sale house.

In her new position, Ekaterina Veselkova will be responsible for the strategic planning of advertising sales of Gazprom-Media Holding’s television channels, the development of the sale house’s own analytical expertise, as well as the sale of sponsor advertising projects on the broadcast channels of the holding (NTV, Match TV, TNT, TV-3, Friday!, TNT4 and 2x2) and the niche channels of the sub-holding Match. Moreover, Ekaterina Veselkova will oversee the joint work with the National Advertising Alliance, which sells direct television advertising.

Ekaterina Veselkova previously served as the deputy general manager of Gazprom-Media’s sale house and was responsible for the sale of television sponsorship projects. From 2009 to 2014 she was the commercial director of TNT channel.

Under Ekaterina Veselkova’s leadership, Gazprom-Media’s sale house successfully launched the advertising tool Kantata, which allows to create complex, 360 degree advertising campaigns on the holding’s media platforms - broadcast and special interesest television channels, digital outlets, radio and print media. During this time, the sale house successfully carried out more than 20 projects.