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29 April 2022

​NTV and the Moscow Film School launch a joint training course

The NTV television channel, together with the Moscow Film School, is launching the NTV Course: Production of Television Programs. The course program is aimed both at people who have no experience of working in the media, but want to understand how television programs are made, as well as those who who are already working in the field. The course will also be of interest to the representatives of related professions. The main criteria for selection will be whether the potential students have their own ideas for a creative project that could be broadcast on the NTV channel.

The course is divided into four blocks: lifestyle, talk shows and celebrity programs, socio-political and information programs, and big primetime shows. Each block has its own mentor, who develops the course agenda and leads the classes. These mentors will be NTV stars: Vadim Takmenyov, Kirill Pozdnyakov, Andrey Norkin, Sergey Malozyomov, Leonid Zakoshansky, Natalia Maltseva, Sergey Mayorov and others.

The course starts on March 1, 2017 and will be made up of theoretical and practical classes. Over the course of four months, the students will get acquainted with the unique features of different television formats, master the specifics of scriptwriting, production and project promotion. They will also film their own pilot episodes. At the end of the course, the students will pitch their ideas to the mentors and curator.

“This is standard international practice when TV channels create their own educational courses that help young people to communicate directly with professionals in their field. I am very pleased that our first step towards finding talent will be carried out with the Moscow Film School, which has a tremendous amount of experience in the training of specialists in various fields and methods of modern and relevant education. We decided to start with the production of television programs because this content has a short production time and today it is very much in demand on television,” said NTV’s general manager Timur Weinstein, who will also be one of the course’s curators. According to him, NTV will help the student with the best thought-out program idea to film a pilot episode of that show.