Gulya, a documentary film about Russian rock and blues musician Evgeny Margulis, received the highest award at the international contest 2021 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in the category “Documentaries and Reports (TV, Online, Cinema): Lifestyle, Art, Music & Culture”. 

NTV channel held the premiere broadcast of the documentary on December 26, 2020. Gulya is not a typical documentary that goes through well-known facts from an artist’s biography - all that can be found on the Internet. What Gulya is, instead, is an honest story from Evgeny Margulis’ closest friends as they reminisce about the most memorable moments connected with him and share stories that no one has heard before. In this film, Evgeny Margulis is not only a rocker and bluesman, but first and foremost, a person, a friend, a talent scout, a music producer, a TV host, a husband and father, a writer, a collector and even a sketch artist.