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29 April 2022

Friday! to partner with Fox in Russia and launch Alter-Ego music show with digital avatars

The Russian adaptation of Alter Ego, a music competition show that shocked the world when it first aired on Fox Channel, will now be broadcast in Russia on Friday! channel.

Alter Ego is a music show in which the contestants sing backstage while their digital avatars are featured in the stage spotlight as they compete for the top prize.

Alter Ego first aired on Fox Channel in September 2021. It is a unique show, weaving together talent and technology. 

The show’s participants are novice singers. The jury and the audience members can only see their digital doubles, which are created using motion capture technology and computer graphics. This way, none of the contestants feel constrained by their age or gender. They can compete in the show even if they have stage fright or are shy about their looks. Instead of their usual appearance, contestants will come onto the stage in their ideal avatar looks - looks they will design themselves.

The Russian adaptation of the show will be broadcast exclusively on Friday! TV channel. The show’s premiere is planned for 2022.