Dmitry Chudakov, director of Gazprom-Media Holding’s legal directorate, spoke on the topic “New Era: Domestic Media Industry Under Sanctions” at the plenary session “New Economy: Growth Points” of the Dubai New Economy Legal Forum 2023.

Participants of the forum discussed the macroeconomic forecast, geopolitical risks and opportunities of domestic business. Dmitry Chudakov spoke about the impact of the sanctions of hostile countries on Russian content and software. According to him, the elimination of domestic products from Western app stores and disabling of monetization on foreign platforms led to an increase in the number of Russian users and the amount of primarily domestic content on Russian platforms, which brought about more interest from advertisers.

As ways to neutralize the influence of the sanctions in the media sphere, Dmitry Chudakov mentioned the creation of original content, a shift towards content and software from friendly countries, and settlements with foreign copyright holders in alternative currencies or through banks not subject to restrictive measures. Dmitry Chudakov also noted the continued demand for IT specializations on the part of Russian applicants thanks to state support programs.

Dubai New Economy Legal Forum 2023 took place on March 9–10 in Dubai The event brought together vice presidents and heads of legal, financial and GR departments of large companies, and leading legal consultants and representatives of supranational international institutions and associations.