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21 March 2023

Gazprom-Media Holding announces the results of the first Yappy creativity study

According to the first creativity study in Russia, conducted by the vertical video service Yappy in 2022, 95% of respondents consider creativity to be a full-time job with which they can and should earn money. Meanwhile, 76% of them don’t do it, either not monetizing their talent, or using creativity only as an additional income (14.7%). Creativity is the main job for only 9% of the study participants. Such a gap in numbers shows that now it is important to develop and support the creative potential of experts from different fields.

With the rapid development of neural networks and machine learning, a discussion has arisen on the public agenda about how important human contribution to the production of creative work is and whether it is needed at all. 68% of respondents believe that there is no threat. In their opinion, technology can only create mass products, such as video covers or background music, while true creativity requires a human vision. 26% of respondents are even more skeptical. They consider that artificial intelligence will not replace a person, even for simple products.

Disputes about who is considered a creator have been going on for centuries, but modern creators believe that creativity has no boundaries. 93% of respondents do not set limits. In their opinion, both a nail artist and a baker can be a creator. The main thing is a creative approach.

Social media and unlimited access to information have launched the careers of many musicians, actors and other representatives of the creative industry. 72% of the study participants believe that it is easy to start being creative thanks to technology, and 38% are sure that everyone can consider themselves a creator with the Internet. At the same time, 56% say that the Internet helps to reach a wide audience only for those who already have creative education and experience. In other words, it is still difficult to make creativity a profession with its help.

Opinions are divided on the question of how the Internet affects the result of creative projects. 38% of study participants see the Internet as a source of high competition and an incentive to improve quality. 58% of respondents hold the opposite opinion. They consider that the Internet makes it possible for everyone to express themselves, but with an inevitable decrease in the quality of the final product. The reason for this may be accidental success. 87.4% of respondents notice that popularity can be obtained both through talent and by chance, if a person managed to become popular on a wave of hype.

The study showed that a person of any profession can become a creator. We want to help people combine their main job and creativity. To do it, Yappy provides, firstly, an audience, and secondly, convenient content creation tools.
Danila Ovcharov CEO of Yappy

The study was based on data from an online survey conducted from December 2022 to January 2023. More than 1,000 representatives of the creative industry in Russia took part. They include actors, creative producers, restaurateurs, motion designers, bloggers and stand-up comedians. Some of them consider creativity as their main profession. Others are engaged in creativity in their free time as a hobby or for additional income.

Yappy is part of Gazprom-Media Holding.