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24 December 2021

Arkady Vodakhov appointed chief producer of TNT channel

Arkady Vodakhov will fill the post of TNT’s chief producer starting in January 2022. Alexander Doulerain, who has worked at TNT as a marketing director and deputy general manager since 2002 and as its chief producer since 2009, is leaving the TV channel.

Arkady Vodakhov previously served as TNT’s deputy chief producer. A number of highly rated shows and original TV series were launched under his leadership, including the new game and reality formats such as Muzikalnaya Intuitsiya (Musical Intuition) and Zvezdy v Afrike (Celebrities in Africa).

Arkady Vodakhov has worked at Gazprom-Media Holding since 2012. He helped to develop Comedy Radio as its creative director. Since 2015, he worked as the chief producer of TNT4 channel and since 2020, as its director. During this time, TNT4 started its broadcasts and launched its own lineup of original projects, including Dengi ili Pozor (Money or Shame) and Prozharka (The Roast), among others. From 2018 to 2020, he worked as a creative producer at Match sub-holding. He was a screenwriter and creative producer of the BEHAPPY series, which was released on the PREMIER platform in 2019, and also produced the comedy film Batya, which collected more than 500 million rubles at the Russian box office.