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29 April 2022

Antonina Priezzheva speaks about Gazprom-Media’s CSR program at Eastern Economic Forum: “We help those who are helping others to grow!”

A discussion titled “The economy of joy: Public initiatives for regional development” was held on September 3 as part of the Eastern Economic Forum’s business program. Antonina Priezzheva, HR director of Gazprom-Media Holding, took part in the discussion.

Antonina Priezzheva spoke about the progress made with Gazprom-Media Holding’s corporate social responsibility program. Gazprom-Media Holding recently systematised its CSR initiatives and formed its own PRO program, which makes use of the Holding’s media capabilities. This program is made up of three areas:

●    PRO_Sodeistvie (PRO_Support): support and development of new initiatives that are beneficial to society;

●    PRO_Sozdanie (PRO_Creation): development and creation of the Holding’s own projects in socially relevant areas;

●    PRO_Participation: external partnerships on existing charitable projects.
Gazprom-Media Holding also operates its own Volunteer Centre. As its first project, the Centre helped the operational headquarters of the #MYVMESTE (#WEARETOGETHER) country-wide mutual aid initiative. The Holding’s volunteers processed applications and delivered food packages to elderly people and people with limited mobility. 

Support for volunteering and projects that are important to society is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility stance.