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29 April 2022

​Aleksey Krasnov takes part in online forum CSTB. Telecom&Media

MidExpo held an online forum called “CSTB. Telecom&Media: digital media and services 202x” on May 27. The event’s main topic was the change in the media industry and digital services in the context of self-isolation. High-ranking representatives of telecom operators, producers and distributors of content, and online platforms shared their forecasts for the future and also talked about the current situation in the industry and expected trends.

Aleksey Krasnov, deputy CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding, took part in the discussion “Media consumption today and tomorrow”, which was dedicated to the development of the OTT-platform market. Main topics of discussion at this panel included the change in media consumption habits, the future of online cinemas, as well as the potential of live event content.

In his presentation, Aleksey Krasnov stressed that video services need their own exclusive content and regular premieres to keep growth stable. He also noted that the PREMIER video service has launched a large number of new projects over recent months, while the viewership of PREMIER’s content in March-April grew by 133% as compared to January-February. A major factor for the media industry will be how quickly the companies are able to return to the production of new content after the lockdown measures are lifted.

Addressing the current popularity of live formats, such as online concerts, Aleksey Krasnov noted that people will return to attending live concerts in person once the anti-virus measures are no longer in place.

He also underlined that TV viewership figures will change. “As viewers move out of the self-isolation regime, we can expect a return to the same level of television viewership. For example, a similar situation is taking place in China,” he said.

Wrapping up the discussion, Aleksey Krasnov noted that the number of OTT players on the market will narrow in the next two years, while traditional media will undergo a blurring of boundaries. As an example, he cited data for the Avtoradio station, whose YouTube channel has collected a record number of subscribers (1.96 million) and almost one billion views. He also expressed hope that Russian media companies will use the opportunity to increase the amount of domestic content on the international market. To conclude, Aleksey Krasnov reminded fellow forum participants that Gazprom-Media Holding’s companies will take part in an international online content market, Key Buyers Event, in June, while on June 12 the Russian film Avanpost (The Outpost), produced by PREMIER Studios, will come out in Japanese movie theaters.