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29 April 2022

​TNT to host exclusive premiere of TV series Proyekt ‘Anna Nikolaevna’

This summer TNT will offer exclusive broadcasts of the fantasy comedy Proekt ‘Anna Nikolaevna’, which previously aired on the online film theater Kinopoisk HD. The series was made by Aleksandr Tsekalo’s Sreda production company on a commission from Yandex’s Kinopoisk HD video service.

The plot of the series centers on the first Russian police robot-android, which looks like an ordinary woman.

“Proyekt ‘Anna Nikolaevna’ is another successful experiment between Sreda and Kinopoisk HD. This is the first of our series to come out on TNT channel. It is a great joy for us to show the project in primetime on the main entertainment television channel of the country. And we are confident that we will not disappoint the viewers or the channel’s management,” said Aleksandr Tsekalo, chief producer of Sreda production company.

“Proyekt ‘Anna Nikolaevna’ is a cool product, which matches the quality of the best sitcoms on TNT. The lead role is played by Zoya Berber, and she managed to convey such a character really well. Russian TV will finally get its own robo-cop, or rather a female robo-cop! I am going to enjoy watching this series and hope that the viewers will also like it because it tells a relevant and, most importantly, funny story,” said TNT’s creative director Gavriil Gordeev.