Victory Day on NTV gets best viewership in nine years

On Wednesday, May 9, the viewership share of NTV channel was 10.4%, according to Mediascope data. On this Victory Day, 26% more viewers tuned in to the channel than during the holiday broadcast in 2017. The share of television viewing of the channel reached its maximum level in nine years.

On May 9 the channel showed the legendary war films, Aty-Baty Shli Soldaty (One-Two, Soldiers Were Going...), the last directorial and acting work of Leonid Bykov; the outstanding work of Mikhail Kalatozov Letyat Zhuravli (The Cranes are Flying), and the premiere of the film Odin v Pole Voin (One Soldier Left on the Battlefield). The program Zhdi Menya (Wait for me) also came out in a special holiday edition. Touching, long-awaited reunions between war heroes took place in the studio.

NTV also became the leader of the evening primetime (19:40-23:40) among the audience over 18 years old with a viewership share of 16.7%. At this time the channel was showing the film V Avguste 44-ogo (In August of 1944), followed by the historical drama Topor (The Axe). The premiere of the latter became not only the best event on NTV, but on television overall in its slot, with a viewership share of 19.7% among the audience aged 18 years or more. The plot of the film tells a story of an old hermit who lives in the taiga. The news about the beginning of the Great Patriotic War makes him recall the past when he served as an army officer and return to defend his motherland.