A Public Talk with NTV’s chief producer Timur Weinstein and PREMIER’s general manager Sofya Mitrofanova was held on August 27 as part of Russian Creative Week in its “Film and Television” pavilion. Gazprom-Media Holding is one of the pavilion’s curators. The discussion centered on the nuances of content production for digital media and TV: the production experience in both environments.

Online platforms make up one of the fastest growing segments of the media market, but television still remains the biggest mass media and the main content producer. Timur Weinstein and Sofya Mitrofanova discussed whether there is rivalry or competition between TV and OTT services. Public Talk listeners learned where the two media share growth points, how the creative and production processes of television channels and online theatres differ. The head of Kommersant’s Media group Anna Afanasyeva moderated the discussion.

The speakers agreed that there is no real competition and that joint projects are beneficial for online platforms as well as TV channels. According to them, there is not much difference where the joint product is released first.

The final topic in the discussion was the overall decrease in TV viewership in the country and the possibility of a full transition online.