JSC NTV-Plus in partnership with the Russian Shooting Union has provided broadcast of some final competitions of the European Shooting Championship from a small-caliber weapons and clay pigeon shooting in the city of Maribor (Slovenia). First time in its history TV Company has acted as the host broadcaster at international competitions on the territory of a foreign country.

NTV-Plus showed four finals: "small-caliber pistol, 25 meters. Women", "small-caliber rifle, 3 positions, 50 meters. Men","Skeet Women"(Round stand)," Double Trap Men"(Olympic Trap). The webcast, which could be seen on the site of Russian Shooting Union, was organized in addition to the TV broadcast.

Technical and creative support for these final competitions were fully realized by the team of professionals of NTV-PLUS, which made it possible to achieve high quality translation. Unlike foreign TV companies, which broadcast shooting competition, Russian specialists have used nine cameras to shoot from different angles with the possibility of slowing down the video sequence (maximum of foreign colleagues - 7 pieces) and quadrocopter (shooting from the air). The front camera serviced by operators rather than robots were also used at shotgun lighting, which allowed us to obtain a non-standard shooting television "picture". At lighting shotgun were also used.

Starting since 2014, the serious work has been done by Shooting Union of Russia and NTV-PLUS, the result of which is already evident - said the executive director of the Russian Shooting Union Anna Leschikova. - We joined efforts to significantly improve the attractiveness of one of television's most popular Olympic sports, which, like many other Olympic sports, for a long time could not boast of its appeal and, hence, the attention to it. In fact, since 2014 - when European Championship in the shooting took place in Moscow – a "new trend" as they say was given in television shows of bullet and shotgun shooting. And the trend setters were the Shooting Union of Russia and NTV-PLUS. Shooting theater was created and shown. The NTV-Plus team was able to find a solution due to which the audience could see the beauty of fire, which was the combination of athleticism and high technology. But a few people knew about that for a long time, and few people could see it. It was possible to show the tension and intrigue, which, of course, is present here, as in any other sport. Our achievements have been appreciated by the international community of shooting and the expanding audience. And we all know that as soon as the audience sees the beauty of the sports, its attractiveness, its advantages, it begins to develop.

"The work of NTV-PLUS professionals does not fit into the standard practices of such lighting of sports events - said General Director of NTV Plus Alexander Vronsky. We got a great result that confirmed creative and technical capabilities of NTV-PLUS. In addition, it acquired a unique experience, which we use on the public sports channel. Match TV will start broadcasting in the autumn on the updated grid frequency Russia 2 and will be available throughout the country.