The Red Apple international festival of creativity was held in Moscow on November 15-16. Gazprom-Media Holding’s TV channels TNT, Friday!, and Match TV won five awards.

TNT won a bronze as part of the main Red Apple contest in the “Social media campaigns” nomination for creating a series of GIF-pictures for the start of the new season of its reality show Tantsy (Dances). TNT released a series of GIF animations for its social media subscribers featuring the three show mentors doing dance movements. Social network users repeated these movements and posted their efforts in Instagram stories.

In 2018, Red Apple festival included a new unit - Red Apple: Festival of Media, which identifies the best creative projects by media and communication agencies. The winners in the Red Apple: Festival of Media category are awarded as part of the National Advertising Forum.

Friday! and Match TV channels were among the recipients of the Red Apple: Festival of Media awards. Friday! got one silver and two bronze prizes. It received the silver for its outdoor advertising layouts for the new seasons of Patsanky (Tomboys) and Adskaya Kukhnya (Hell’s Kitchen) in the nomination “Use of print/outdoor.” In August, the channel launched a non-traditional outdoor campaign: digital posters depicting characters of the two projects. At first glance, it looks like the ad banner has a static graphic image, but soon the characters “come alive” and begin to move. The bronze prize went to the outdoor campaign “Patsanky vs. Adskaya Kukhnya” (Tomboys vs. Hell’s Kitchen) in the “Excellence in media execution” nomination. Friday! channel also received a bronze in the “Best use of mixed media” nomination for its promo to the project Golos Ulits (The Voice of the Streets) on the VKontakte social network, featuring the TV channel’s client MTS.

"Match TV" won a bronze award in the nomination "Best use of non-standard advertising” for coming up with the stickers that link Match TV and Durex. During the 2018 World Cup, Match TV used situational marketing to attract the attention of young viewers to the Durex brand. The mobile application Match! Club, as well as the websites and and social networks were the main communication platforms for the project.