The TV channels NTV, TNT, Friday! and Match TV, all of which are part of Gazprom-Media, received nine industry awards at TEFI 2017. The awards ceremony took place on October 3 in the Rossiya Theater.

NTV and TNT received three awards each, while Match TV got two awards and one award went to Friday! TV channel.

“The terrestrial TV projects of all the Gazprom-Media prize winners have long received praise from TV viewers and critics alike, and now the TEFI jury also recognized them as the best. But our main pride is our creative team. It is thanks to their courage and talents that these unique and in-demand projects for viewers appear. I am happy that the professionals of the television industry have made note of our socially significant TV projects,” the CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding Dmitry Chernyshenko said about the TEFI 2017 results.


The television channel NTV received a special prize for the finale of the international contest, Ty Super! (You are Super!), which took place in the Kremlin in May 2017. Ty Super! is an important social project on Russian television. Talented children who were left without parental care participate in the contest. According to the data from Mediascope, 14.7% of TV viewers over the age of 18 watched the Ty Super! finale, while online the audience of the project added up to 50 million.

In the nomination “Best morning program host” the award went to Yulia Vysotskaya, who hosts the program Edim Doma (Eating at Home) on NTV. This is the third TEFI award for Yulia Vysotskaya. She also won in this nomination in 2014 and 2016, while the program Edim Doma received TEFI awards in 2007 and 2014.

The intellectual show Svoya Igra (Your Own Game) was named the best television game. The show also won TEFI awards in 2003 and 2015.


The awards jury recognized TNT’s Comedy Club as the best humour show on Russian television. The most famous comedy show in Russia has aired on TNT for 12 years and is watched by every fifth TV viewer in the country.

The TV series Olga, which was released on TNT in autumn 2016, was named the best sitcom on Russian television. The series was created by the company Good Story Media, which is part of Gazprom-Media, and has already received the recognition of the Association of Film and Television Producers. TNT channel’s sitcoms were also named the best in 2015 (Fizruk) and 2016 (Interns).

Mikhail Efremov received a bronze Orpheus statuette in the nomination “Best actor in television film/series.” He played the role of Grigory Shtuchny in the folk tragic comedy Pyanaya Firma (The Drunken Firm), which was released on TNT in December 2016. The series was written and shot by the famous director Grigory Konstantinopolsky.


The TV channel Friday! won in the nomination “Best reality show.” Based on the opinions of television experts, the best reality show of the year was Patsanki (Tomboys), in which young women try to overcome addictions and eradicate bad manners so that they can start a new life after. Now Friday! is showing the second season of the show with a share of TV viewership that is higher than the average share for the channel, while online the first issue of the show has had more than 1.5 million views. Friday! turned four years old in 2017, and this is the fifth TEFI award for the channel.

Match TV

The television channel Match TV received a TEFI in the nomination “Best TV project about sport” for its documentary film Aleksandr Karelin. Poedinok s Samim Soboy (Alexander Karelin. Duel with Yourself). Sergey Gimaev, a Russian coach and commentator, received a posthumous award as the best TV commentator.

Match TV started broadcasting in November 2015 and received three TEFI awards in its first year of work: a special prize for its launch and awards in the nominations “Best sports program host” and “Best television project about sport.”