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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media’s TV channels receive 16 PromaxBDA Asia 2019 awards

The winners of the international award for outstanding achievements in the field of television marketing, promotion and design were announced in Singapore on November 29. The works of TNT4, Friday!, Super, TNT and Match TV received 16 statuettes of the prestigious PromaxBDA Asia 2019 contest - nine gold and seven silver. This is four times higher than the number of awards Gazprom-Media Holding’s companies received at last year's competition in Asia.

In total, the promo campaigns of the Holding’s TV channels collected a record 44 awards from Promax contests across different continents in 2019.

TNT4 channel received six PromaxBDA Asia awards and thus became a leader among Russian media companies. The TV channel won gold in two categories - “Best sound design” and “Best promo of a special event” for the clip dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the film Police Academy. The festival’s jury also gave the TV channel a silver in four nominations - “Best promo made by the channel’s team”, “Best film promo” and “Best promo of a special event” for the video that advertised the films in the Pravilnoe Kino package, as well as in the nomination “All from nothing” for the promo clip “4 Batmans on TNT4”. All in all, the channel has 27 awards from the international festival.

“Personally, I had no doubt that we would win. There was only the intrigue in which nominations. As a result, we unexpectedly took a whole six awards, and those were for new clips that just had their debut showing at the international level. They confirmed that, year after year, TNT4 keeps its cool reputation in the international TV community. I am glad that we are setting trends - other TV channels started using the techniques from our promos and also achieving great results,” said Gavriil Gordeev, TNT4 channel’s director.

Friday! channel received four awards - two gold and two silver. The gold came in the nomination “Most outstanding marketing solution” for its case “Breaking the template. The chain”. Here the channel’s creative group created a new marketing format for digital, broadcast and outdoor broadcast formats. The promo clip “Krutoe Kino” (Cool Movie), designed for film screenings on Friday! channel, won an award in the “Best editing” nomination and also took gold. The clips from the promo campaign to the project Insiders took silver in the nomination “Best joint campaign”, while another silver, in the nomination “Best reality promo”, went to the promo clip to the reality show Sekretny Millioner (The Secret Millionaire) in which rich and successful people encounter a new reality for the first time and share their wealth with those who really need it. Friday! TV channel has a total of 16 awards from PromaxBDA.

The digital case of Super TV channel, Sladkaya Mest: Tort vam k Litsu (Sweet Revenge: Cake to the Face), which is timed to the first season’s premiere of the TV series IP Pirogov won three gold awards and one silver. The award jury recognized this project as the best cross-media promo campaign and awarded it a gold in the nominations “Best integrated marketing campaign”, “Best use of digital”, “Best promo clip in social networks” as well as a silver in the nomination “Best viral video”. Super channel currently holds five awards from PromaxBDA Asia.

TNT channel received a silver statuette in the nomination “Best use of digital” for its dance GIFs set to promote the fifth season of talent show Tantsy (Dances), involving the celebrity mentors from the show. Participants had to recreate GIFs with dance moves from their mentors. When put together, the GIFs created a full dance sequence. More than 900,000 dance videos were made as part of the challenge.

Promos to the show Tantsy have already won across various nominations at television promo contests PromaxBDA Europe 2019, PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2019, as well as the Red Apple festival. To date, the channel has 16 PromaxBDA awards.

Another silver went to Match TV in the nomination “Best sound design” for its clip “S Boytsovskim Godom” (A Fighter’s New Year to You). This is the fourth consecutive year that Match TV has won at the PromaxBDA Asia contest. The channel received a silver last year in the nomination “Best editing” for its clip to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.