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29 April 2022

Gazprom-Media’s TV channels biggest winners at PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2019

The winners of the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2019, a prestigious international industry award in television marketing and design, were announced in Los Angeles on June 6. Gazprom-Media Holding’s TV channels - TNT, TNT4, TV-3, Friday! and Match TV - received 24 awards. TNT won 10 Promax statuettes and became a leader among Russian channels in terms of the number of projects to receive an award.

“Gazprom-Media’s TV channels have won awards at the Promax contest for several years running, and each time the number of awards is growing, along with international recognition. Last year we had 14 awards, and this year our team has already received 24 statuettes. This proves that the creative forces of Russian television are moving up to a new level and setting trends, including for innovative solutions in the digital environment,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.

Two TNT works, released in support of the new season of the talent show Tantsy (Dances), received gold awards. They are the promo “Vzlomai blogera” (Hack a blogger) in the nomination “Best marketing solution for online advertising” and a series of GIF-images in the nomination “Best online marketing”. The latter was also recognized with a silver award in the nomination “Technical innovations of digital platforms”. The promo to the New Year’s comedy God Svinyi (Year of the Pig) also took silver in the nomination “Best radio clip”.

TNT collected six bronze awards for the promos to its TV series, as well as the channel’s creative design. Leading world experts complimented the TNT logo for its universality and allocated it a bronze award in the nomination “Best image of a multimedia channel”. Another bronze, in the “Best landing” nomination, went to the world’s first “Horse-sharing” service, which TNT launched in tandem with its TV series Konnaya Politsiya (Mounted Police). The promos to the series Domashny Arest (Home Arrest) earned a bronze in the nomination “Best multimedia promo campaign of a comedy project”. The targeted promo clips to the series Sveta s Togo Sveta (The Girl from the Other World) received a bronze in the nomination “Best brand integration in promotions”. The promos drew inspiration from the most popular searches on Russian-language Internet. TNT’s biggest stars showed off their superpowers in advance of the channel’s premiere broadcast of the blockbuster Deadpool. Their comedic prowess earned TNT another Promax award, a bronze in the “Best online advertising” nomination. The award’s experts also recognized an ID-clip by TNT’s Comedy Club resident, sausage-chewing Garik Kharlamov in the “OMG!” nomination.

Two clips by TNT4 channel received nine awards in 10 nominations. The clip “Odinakovo Moshnoe Kino” (Equally Powerful Cinema) won gold for “Best movie promo” and “Best editing”, while the clip “Zapreshennyi Priyom” (Forbidden Tactic) was golden in the “Best sound design” and “Best music” nominations. The former also won a bronze in the nomination “Special promo for an event” and three silver awards in the nominations “External marketing campaign or promo video”, “Best program promo video” and “Best TV film clip”, in which “Zapreshennyi Priyom” also took bronze.

The “Odinakovo Moshnoe Kino” clip has already won at the PromaxBDA UK 2018 (three awards in different nominations - gold, silver, bronze) and Promax Europe 2019 (two golds). Last week, the clip earned TNT4 the top prize at the Golden Trailer Awards. The channel now has more than 20 Promax statuettes since going on air three years ago.

TV-3 earned two gold awards, for its website to the film series Obychnaya Zhenshina (An Ordinary Woman) in the nomination “Best website”, and the presentation of the series’ new season in the nomination “Best design for an event”.

Friday! TV channel also won in two nominations. Its promos to the mini-series Houdini earned the channel the top prize in the nomination “Best promotional video for a drama program” while the promo video to the travel show Oryol i Reshka (Heads or Tails) came second in the “Interactive promo” nomination.

Match TV took a bronze award in the nomination “Best promo of a live event” for its “Barbershop” video, which celebrated the start of the KHL playoffs.