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29 April 2022

Super Will Be Rebranded as Saturday!

The Super TV channel will be relaunched and renamed Saturday!. Nikolay Kartozia, producer and general manager of Friday!, took over the management of Super in October 2020. The new channel will be targeted at a female audience aged 18 to 45.

“In the seven years that we have been producing Friday!, we have learned everything a modern young woman wants. Now that we’re working to turn Friday! into a large entertainment channel—and will one day make it the main channel—Saturday! will cater to a specific audience, which is what advertisers want most. It’s a channel you can watch all day. Saturday is a day to relax after the action-packed Friday, a day young women devote to themselves. As for us, we’re devoting a whole television channel to these young women”.
Nikolay Kartozia

The channel’s schedule will be based on trendy women’s TV series and the most interesting reality shows, becoming part of the Gazprom Media Entertainment TV ecosystem and working closely with Friday!’s team.