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29 April 2022

​Super TV channel presents its first season

The first season of Super TV channel started on September 10 with the broadcast of the Grand series and the humorous program Smeshnoye Vremya (Time for Laughs). A presentation took place at the Moskva cinema on the same evening where guests and journalists could learn about the big premieres that Super produced in-house and see the first episodes of Grand at the same time as they premiered on television.

Super’s general producer Eduard Iloyan talked about the channel’s plans:

Today we are, in fact, celebrating the channels birthday. Two big premieres are going on air at once, and they are opening our first television season. Super has big plans for the future. After a little bit of time the new, cool TV channel offering romantic comedies that can be watched by the whole family, will be everywhere where you can consume content: on all TVs sets, phones, tablets and laptops.

The guests of the evening were shown some trailers of the new comedy hits that Super channel produced itself: the series about the behind-the-scenes of an elite sports club Fitness featuring Roman Kurtsyn, Mikhail Trukhin, Lelya Baranova, Boris Dergachev and Sofia Zayka in the leading roles; the humorous program Smeshnoye Vremya, which became Andrei Burkovsky’s debut as a producer; the TV series Pirogov IP, starring the star of the Kukhnya (Kitchen) series, charming Elena Podkaminskaya; as well as the series 257 Prichin, Chtoby Zhit (257 Reasons to Live) with Polina Maksimova in the lead role.