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29 April 2022

​Friday! channel updates website design and changes its format

Friday! TV channel presented a new design and concept of its website. The updated resource is meant to serve as an online platform for viewing the best shows.

The main goal in the development of the website was to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The new structure allows the user to find the latest editions of their favorite shows with ease and helps in the selection of content.

Many TV channels still believe that their website needs to advertise their projects and then lead viewers to television sets. They are overloaded with banners, branding, announcements, news. But the absolute majority of users come to the site for unique video content. We abandoned this marketing rubbishand came as close as possible to the online cinema format. In the near future, the site will also contain relevant special-interest collections, a system of personalized recommendations and other functions that will make watching the shows even more convenient,said Artemy Gladchenko, deputy marketing director of Friday! TV channel.

The website design was developed together with Charmer studio. The online resource now has a minimalistic design and is not overloaded with branding.

New, convenient solutions for commercial options were also implemented. Now advertisers will be able to integrate into TV content organically, make special projects, brand individual products and even segments of the shows.

In the near future, the channel plans to start producing content specifically for the site, and also acquire the rights to show the best foreign shows and series.