The new series Zvonite DiCaprio! (Call DiCaprio!) will premiere on the OTT-platform of TNT-PREMIER (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) on October 20. Director Zhora Kryzhovnikov, known for his films Gorko (Gorko!), Gorko 2 (Gorko 2!), Samiy Luchshiy Den (The Best Day Ever) and others, shot the film, while Alexander Petrov played the leading role. The new series is in the experimental genre and also has elements of drama because it talks about a dangerous disease.

Crew members who worked with director Zhora Kryzhovnikov include the producer of Good Story Media (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) Anton Shchukin, script writers of the TV series Sladkaya Zhizn (Dolce Vita) Pyotr Vnukov and Elena Khripkova as well as the TNT channel team.

The plot of the series tells the story of the relationship and fate of two brothers. Egor Rumyantsev, performed by Alexander Petrov, is a popular actor who begins to lead a wild lifestyle as a result of his success. He feels invulnerable until he finds out he has HIV. His brother Lev, played by Andrey Burkovsky, is his polar opposite. He works as a host for an unpopular program on the cable TV channel Muravey-TV, and lives modestly with his family until he is given a chance to take his brother’s place.

According to the creators of the series, Zvonite DiCaprio!, is a story about love, betrayal, death and hope, which shows the viewer different facets of people’s relationships in society.