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29 April 2022

​Friday! TV channel and Gazprom-Media Sales House launch first on-air marketplace

Friday! TV channel debuted a new format of television advertising, Friday Market, for the first time. Friday Market is a two-minute, mid-program integration in the popular ‘unpacking’ format or, literally, the ‘unpacking’ and discussion of the product’s functionality on air. The channel’s personalities are the main subjects of the ads. They test various products and services and tell the viewers about them in detail.

Friday Market is a hybrid tool. It solves several marketing tasks at once: the launch of a new product or service on the market, increased brand awareness, increased audience loyalty, a detailed analysis of all product functions and the uniqueness of the offer, support for weekly promos and sales promotion through promo codes. Friday! TV channel calls the project “the first on-air marketplace”. It is the space where sellers and buyers meet. At the same time, the channel provides unique promo codes, hotline numbers, and links to the website where viewers can place their orders.

“Friday Market is effective interaction with the ‘smart consumer’ - intelligent, literate consumers who watch Friday! TV channel in the slots that correspond to each brand. There is a very small space between filming and the product going on air, which allows us to quickly introduce relevant information about last-minute promotions. In seeing the products promoted by popular hosts and bloggers, people feel more loyal to the advertising message. There is an opportunity to talk in detail about all the functionalities of the product, track the conversion through an exclusive promo code, and even use the footage on digital platforms or on plasma screens at points of sale. We see great potential in the new tool, which is already in demand among different categories of advertisers: from fast-moving consumer goods and financial services to E-commerce,” said Karolina Sokolova, managing expert of Gazprom-Media Sales House.

“There is a universe called Friday! It is a world that compels viewers to turn on their TVs, YouTube, their mobile phones. This world has its own superheroes - our hosts-hybrids, as media futurologists call them. They are popular in two environments at once - in digital and on television - and have great selling power in the modern world. Since its very beginning, Friday! is not only friendly with brands, it lives in the world of brands. The goal of our channel is to take the brand that advertisers entrust us with and carefully integrate it into our universe. Our new tool, the marketplace, is the crowning glory to a concept that was introduced into the channel's slogan - taste the world. The most popular TV presenters will taste the benefits of various goods and services as part of Friday! channel’s format. This is the most powerful sales tool we have today,” said Nikolay Kartozia, general manager of Friday! TV channel.

Fix Price became the first partner of Friday! TV channel. It is an international chain of family-oriented stores that offers a wide range of household goods at low, fixed prices.

The Friday! creative team crafted three unique videos featuring the channel’s key personalities specifically for Fix Price as part of Friday Market. The lead of the TV series Lyubimtsy (Pets) Mikhail Bashkatov and the hostess of the projects Eda, Ya Lyublu Tebya (Food, I Love You) and Utro Pyatnitsy (Friday Morning) Dilya Dolinskaya showed an extensive assortment of winter holiday and grocery goods from the store and explained how Fix Prince manages to keep prices low. As part of the partnership, Friday! viewers also got a special New Year’s offer that they could access through an exclusive promo code and Fix Price loyalty card.

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