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29 April 2022

SRSLY Has Named the Leading Bloggers in Russia

SRSLY, a media outlet about bloggers, has announced the results of its first online awards, SUPER SRSLY 2020. The year’s top bloggers were Nastya Ivleeva, Vlad Bumaga, Olga Buzova, Oksana Samoilova, Danya Milokhin and Anton Lapenko.

The winners were chosen based on SRSLY’s rating compiled in partnership with Medialogia. The algorithm looks at citations, number of followers, the opinions of market experts and editorial staff, and user votes. The main indicator is SM Influence, which shows the level of the blogger’s social media influence.

Nastya Ivleeva was the undisputed leader, followed by Vlad Bumaga, who even overtook Drake and Logan Paul in numbers of subscribers this year, reaching 26.6 million. Oksana Samoilova and Olga Buzova split third place with an equal SM Influence rating (958). Danya Milokhin, who took his subscribers on a real spin in 2020, is in fourth place, with Anton Lapenko, the man behind three seasons of Vnutri Lapenko (Inside Lapenko), closing off the Top 5.