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29 April 2022

Synergies in Modern Advertising: The Gazprom Media Team Presents at Adindex City Conference

The AdIndex City Conference, a professional business conference in the fields of marketing, media and digital, took place in Moscow on July 23. Dedicated to the new trends that popped up during the coronavirus pandemic, more than 100 experts in 14 sections gave their accounts of the last six months in the industry and shared useful analyses, insights and case studies.


Gazprom Media was an official partner of the conference, while the Gazprom Media sales house organized the Formula of Effective Incremental Reach = TV + ...? panel, where participants discussed the effectiveness of television in meeting the needs of advertisers and the synergies of using different media and communication channels. They also shared new solutions and tools for brand promotion and gave their predictions for the development of the advertising market.


Several managers of Gazprom Media companies, as well as specialized department heads, took part in the discussion, including


  • Alexey Filia, head of Gazprom Media’s digital sales department;
  • Dmitry Pashutin, head of Gazprom Media’s online project development and monetization department;
  • Ekaterina Sivoratchenko, head of the sales department at Gazprom Media sales house;
  • Nadezhda Marueva, CEO of Getintent;
  • Anna Potapenko, development director at Bubel MGT;
  • Alexey Krupenin, commercial director at Kvant;
  • Yulia Andryushova, director of the business communications and analytics department at Gazprom Media Radio.


You can watch presentations and other videos from the AdIndex City Conference here.