The ceremony for the XIX Media Manager Russia national awards was held in Moscow on July 4. Gazprom-Media Holding’s managers collected six awards for their accomplishments in media business.

“The success of the Gazprom-Media Holding’s brands is the merit of a powerful and talented team that creates the content of the future and shapes the modern media space. The most talented media managers work in the interests of a multi-million audience. They are our main asset,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.

Ekaterina Veselkova, general manager of Gazprom-Media sales house, received an award in the nomination “Advertising and marketing communication” in the category “Head of media advertising (sales mass media)”. She received the prize for maximizing the Holding’s revenues and her achievements in growing the advertising industry. Under her leadership, the sales house launched new products for the advertising market: a model for monetizing content using HbbTV (interactive TV) technology, and a unique Kantata multi-platform advertising tool that enables the creation of 360-degree campaigns on Gazprom-Media’s platforms. The Gazprom-Media sales house plays a big role in the development of the media industry. In 2018, the company initiated the launch of an industry-wide research study on the effectiveness of sponsorship among key advertisers.

NTV channel’s general manager Alexey Zemsky received a prize in the nomination “Television: Federal channels,” for his effective management, full-range development program and strengthening of NTV’s leading position on the market. The channel made big changes to its program lineup under Alexey Zemsky’s leadership as a new range of TV shows and entertainment programs went on air. In the 2018-19 television season (September 2018-June 2019), the channel’s share reached 9.8%, which is 0.1% higher than in the previous season. In this way, NTV became the only channel from the “Big Three” (also includes Channel One and Russia 1) that showed an increase in audience share aged 18 and up, as compared with last year. NTV’s content is also in demand in the digital environment. More than 14 million unique users visit the channel’s website each month, and the channel’s series got 1.1 billion views on YouTube in 2018.

The chief producer of Super TV channel, Eduard Iloyan, also won a prize in this nomination for successfully launching a new federal television channel from scratch. Super began broadcasting on January 1, 2018. Since then, the channel, whose target audience are young families with children, has been aggressively expanding its broadcast area and increasing its share. By the end of June, the channel’s share reached 2.1% in Russia among an audience aged 14-44. The channel also became an absolute leader in terms of viewing time. In September 2018, at the beginning of its first television season, the average viewing time of Super was 45 minutes a day. By the end of June, this figure doubled and reached 90 minutes, which was the best indicator among all TV channels. The channel’s own content is one of the key reasons for this quick growth. These projects include the shows IP Pirogova, Grand, Fitness, Koroche (In Short), #Yazhemat (#Iammother), among others.

Valentina Kulikova, first deputy general manager of Friday! TV Channel, also received a Media Manager Award. She was recognized for her outstanding contribution to the promotion of Russian-language media outside the country. Valentina Kulikova was particularly praised for her leading role in the successful launch of Friday! International - the global version of Friday! TV channel.

Gazprom-Media Radio’s team took two awards at Media Manager Russia 2019. Mariam Koroleva, the group’s promotion director, won in the nomination “Advertising and marketing communication”. She was awarded the prize for her impeccable organization and innovative approach to Gazprom-Media Radio’s off-air projects, which set an example for the entire industry.

The music director of Gazprom-Media Radio, Renat Idiatullin, won in the nomination “Electronic mass media” in the category “Federal radio stations”. He received the award for maintaining a systematic and evolutionary approach to the radio station’s music programming over many years. His dedication to the task allowed Avtoradio to keep its leadership position despite significant changes on the music consumption market.