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29 April 2022

​​Gazprom-Media Sales House holds industrial panel on sponsorship as part of Advertising Forum 2018

Gazprom-Media Sales House holds industrial panel on sponsorship as part of Advertising Forum 2018

The National Advertising Forum, one of the main events in the media advertising industry and business, took place in Moscow from November 12-14. At the forum, leading market players discussed problems and topical issues of the advertising industry in the country.

As part of the panel “Sponsorship - brand’s best friend”, which was held on November 14, industry leaders discussed the results of a research study done on sponsorship, looked into factors that affect the development of the sponsor advertising market, the instruments that allow effective integration into programs, and successful cases from advertisers. Ekaterina Veselkova, general manager of Gazprom-Media Sales House, moderated the panel. The panel featured representatives of the largest agencies: Fuse BBDO executive director Tatyana Titova, CONTENT + Mindshare Group managing director Oleg Tembotov, OMD Fuse managing director Anton Efimov, and ProPlacement representative Tatyana Ogneva. Mikhail Eliseikin, head of media planning, advertising and sponsorship at MTS, and Sergei Ganin, director of corporate business marketing at Sberbank, took part in the discussion on behalf of advertisers.

As part of the forum, industry representatives got a look at the results of a research study on sponsorship. Gazprom-Media Sales House initiated the study with the support of the Association of Russian Communication Agencies (AKAR). The main goal of the study was to get feedback from advertisers, as well as a complete picture of the effectiveness of TV sponsorship, the attractiveness of television content for sponsorship advertising campaigns and the implementation of cross-media projects. The largest companies on the TV advertising market took part in the study. Study participants were split into two categories: those that buy sponsorship and those that do not.

“We, as a sales house, are interested in the development of the television sponsorship industry. By conducting this kind of research, we get a unique opportunity to collect feedback from advertisers, to hear how sponsorship on TV helps them to solve their tasks, to evaluate the effectiveness of sponsor advertising. I am glad that AKAR’s working group on television advertising supported our initiative. The results of the study identified key areas and points of growth,” said Ekaterina Veselkova.

The study showed that the most effective sponsorship campaigns work using the format of large television shows. There is an explanation for this: big shows carry a great emotional charge. They are always memorable and colourful. By integrating his brand into this format, the advertiser forms a strong emotional connection with the target audience.

The study also revealed the main reason why advertisers forgo sponsorship. This is due to a lack of studies that show how effective this tool is. In conclusion of the discussion, panel members emphasized the importance of conducting such research in order to further develop the industry as a whole.

Panel members also shared their vision for building effective communication through the use of audience, tools and case studies.