The action-packed detective comedy starring Evgeny Stychkin, Elena Lyadova and Evgeny Tsyganov will be released with an 18+ rating.

PREMIER released Vne Sebya (Beyond Oneself), one of the most anticipated series of the new season, today. Video service subscribers can already watch the first two episodes. Two new episodes will be released each week, on Tuesday and Thursday, with the series finale to be available starting on December 9.

The series tells the story of a brilliant financier who is suffering from a mental disorder, dreaming of regaining custody of his son and trying to investigate the murder of his wife. The series has an 18+ age rating. Evgeny Stychkin, Elena Lyadova and Evgeny Tsyganov played the lead roles. Alexander Doulerain was the showrunner of the series and the director of its pilot episode. Klim Kozinsky also directed Vne Sebya. Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov and Alexander Kessel are producing the 1-2-3 Production series, which is based on a script by Andrey Zolotarev, who previously wrote the scripts for the films Sputnik and Lyod.

At the centre of the plot is Dmitry who works as a financial analyst in a large company. Dmitry is successful, even brillant, but he also has a secret: he is constantly surrounded by ‘phantoms’. For example, one such phantom helps him to understand which company to invest in and which one to avoid. Dmitry comes to see a psychotherapist to undergo treatment, get a medical certificate and regain custody of his son. To make this happen, he needs to get rid of the phantoms in his head - that includes the phantoms of his murdered wife and her lover, a police investigator who shot himself. They promise Dmitry that they will leave him in peace and not trouble his thoughts any more if he investigates their murders and can clear up the events from his own past.