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29 April 2022

RUTUBE and Association of Volunteer Centres organise master class for novice bloggers at Artek

RUTUBE and the Association of Volunteer Centres are launching a series of summertime master classes in Russian children’s centres. Bloggers, journalists and producers will share their knowledge with teenagers as part of the initiative.

The first master classes will be held at the Artek international children’s centre from 24-25 June. The event’s participants include Konstantin Pridybailo - blogger, editor-in-chief of RT projects (Russian-language stream “Prekrasnaya Rossiya bu-bu-bu”/“Beautiful Russia boo-boo-boo”, special SPIEF project, etc), and one of the Top 30 most-cited journalists on Telegram; Anastasia Vorobyova - blogger, marketer, brand visualiser, advertising director, and one of the Top 3 brand visualisers in the world.

The event’s speakers will talk about how to create cool content for different audiences and teach centre participants the basics of content production, from the idea phase to the release of the finished product. Special attention will be given to the experts who usually remain behind the scenes, such as producers, authors, screenwriters, photographers, videographers and brand visualisers.