Gazprom-Media Holding’s outlets will coordinate the production and carrying out of broadcasts of church services in the lead up to Easter. The broadcasts will come from church services in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the Easter service from the Moscow Cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The broadcasts of these Orthodox services are carried out in partnership with the Russian Orthodox Church’s department of society and mass media relations.

The filming of the church services will be done by the production unit of Match TV. It has the modern equipment and cameras necessary to produce quality broadcasts of such large-scale events. The production unit will use special television technology to film the event, including mobile television stations and satellite stations, and special automotive technologies.

Despite the challenging epidemiological situation resulting from the spread of coronavirus, the Holding’s viewers will still be able to see Easter church services through live online broadcasts. All the broadcasts will be accessible through a special link,, which will also show the broadcast of the Catholic Easter service from the Vatican.