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29 April 2022

​“Friday!” launches social project Zov Krovi

On October 8, Friday! TV channel will premiere its new social project Zov Krovi (The Call of the Blood), in which the project participants are looking for their biological parents.

Each issue of the program is a story about two different young people who, together with the crew of the television channel, venture in the search for their parents.

The heroes of the project are people who grew up without a mother or a father. They live, grow up, become important people. But these damned questions never give them peace. Why did they leave me? How was I bad? If you do not find the answers to these questions, they will torment you until the last day of your life. I know this, I have a lot of such friends. Thus, we begin the most important journey in the life of every person - a journey into which we are drawn by the call of the blood. Television doesnt do useful things for people so often. It seems to me that Zov Krovi is a project that can really help people,said Nikolay Kartozia, general manager of the channel.

A team of several dozen producers and editors works on the personal story of each program participant on a daily basis. The searches for parents and relatives are not limited to Russia, but are also conducted abroad. In several months of work, the project team has helped 15 families find each other.