On February 28, as part of the CSTB.PRO.MEDIA forum, the Big Digit award ceremony was held for winners of the national award in the field of multichannel digital television. A professional jury determined the best in “Innovative Technologies”, “TV and Video Content”, “Original Films” and “Series of Own Production” categories.

The jury declared the following winners in the “Original films and series of own production” category:

• Detectives/Thrillers: Ubit Ritu (Kill Rita) — PREMIER

• Entertainment show: Novye Zvyozdy v Afrike-2 (New stars in Africa) — TNT, MUZLOFT – RUTUBE

Audience prizes in the “Original films and series of own production” category went to:

• Feature Film: Ivan Vasilievich Menyaet Vsyo (Ivan Vasilyevich changes everything) — TNT

• Comedies/sitcoms: Ivanko 2 — TNT

• Entertainment show: Show Voly (Volya’s Show) — TNT

The winners in the “TV and Video Content” category were:

• Hobbies and interests: Kitchen TV channel

• Entertainment TV program: Boginya Svidaniy (Goddess of dating) — Saturday!

• TV program about sports and healthy lifestyle: Vyzov (The Challenge) — TNT

• Music TV program: Konfetka (The sweetie)— TNT

• Cookery program: Adskiy Shef (Chef from Hell) — Friday!

• Travel and tourism program: Vkusnaya Rossiya s Sergeem Belogolovtsevym (Tastes of Russia with Sergei Begolovtsev) —Kitchen TV channel

A special prize was awarded to the documentary and educational TV program Geroi from TV-3 According to viewers, the best were:

• Documentary and educational TV channel: Neizvestnaya Rossiya (Unknown Russia)

• Sports TV channel: Match TV

This year, the Big Digit Awards were held for the 15th time. The organizing committee received 211 applications from participants. The nominees, including operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers, system integrators, TV channels, portals and streaming platforms, create content for the general public. This year, more than 100,000 people took part in the public voting.

TNT, TV-3, Match TV, Friday!, Saturday!, PREMIER, RUTUBE, Kitchen TV, and Neizvestnaya Rossiya (Unknown Russia) are part of Gazprom-Media Holding.