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29 April 2022

PREMIER and Soyuzmultfilm Present the First Russian Mystery Animated Series

The children’s animated mystery Tayny Medovoy Doliny (Secrets of Honey Valley) is the first in a line of joint projects between the PREMIER video service and Soyuzmultfilm studio. The PREMIER video platform will show all 52 episodes on an exclusive basis as they are produced, starting September 19.

The animated series already had a successful theatrical premiere on the first weekend in September, attracting more than 10,500 viewers. The first episode of the series will be shown in about 700 movie theatres in more than 400 Russian cities as pandemic-related restrictions are lifted.

Honey Valley is a seaside town, home to Marie, a hedgehog foodie; Lucy, a provincial fashionista (who happens to be a squirrel); and Phil, a kindly, if melancholic, bear cub. However, the idyllic atmosphere of Honey Valley is occasionally disturbed by strange and inexplicable events that lead to misunderstandings—and even quarrels. This is when Sophie the wise owl and her helper, a young squirrel named Chink, rush to the rescue. Chink takes photographs of the goings on during the day for the brilliant, nocturnal detective and, at night, Sophie studies the photographs and unravels the town’s mysteries. 

PREMIER’s collaboration with Soyuzmultfilm is its first experience in investing in animated projects for audiences aged 0 to 6. As part of its agreement with the studio, the video service will take part in the production of two more animation projects over the next three years. This includes the musical animated series Enotki (Racoons), aimed at ages 2 to 5, where the young viewers will be encouraged to sing along with the series’ funny main characters. A remake of one of the popular projects from Soyuzmultiflm’s Golden Collection is also in the works and is expected to be a big hit.