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29 April 2022

​PREMIER shows above-market growth rates

The PREMIER video platform (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) showed strong growth in the first two months of spring, doubling its monthly average reach in March and April of this year as compared to January and February.

Today PREMIER announced its preliminary numbers for spring 2020. The total number of visits to the website of the video platform from desktop computers and mobile devices in March-April grew by 120% as compared to January-February[1] . These are the best indicators among all platforms included in the Top 30 list of domestic video resources. Moreover, the number of sessions tallied on the mobile app grew by 135% [2] .

The average monthly coverage of the service doubled in March-April as compared to January-February[3] . The strong growth was the result of PREMIER’s strategy to focus on the production of its own series content, the overall growth of the segment, as well as the intensified social efforts in the platform’s activities.

“We are pleased with the results we achieved, which confirm the right path taken by Gazprom-Media in the creation and development of its own content,” said Vladimir Chopov, PREMIER’s managing director. “The TV series and films, created by the best Russian producers, directors and actors are PREMIER’s trademark. The viewers come to us specifically for this. Yet more evidence of this - the success of our latest exclusive projects: the eight-episode psychological thriller Call Center and the drama series Mir! Druzhba! Zhavka! (Peace! Friendship! Chewing Gum!). Our creators were able to, in the shortest possible time, to film and be the first in Russia to release the screenlife-sitcom #SidyaDoma (#StayingHome), which also got the attention of the viewers.”

“This spring the amount of time viewers can spend on media has increased exponentially, and now we can talk about the formation of new habits among spectators in terms of how much content they consume,” said Darya Pugacheva, director of research at Gazprom-Media. “We are noticing significant growth in the consumption of our content on traditional TV as well as all digital formats. Viewership of PREMIER’s content in March-April grew by 133% as compared to January-February [4]. This was partially due to the launch of the new series Voyna Semey (Family Was), Patriot, Call Center, #SidyaDoma, Mir! Druzhba! Zvachka!”

In line with its social responsibility strategy, PREMIER was the first online cinema to offer free access to all the content created by the TV channels, production companies and studios of Gazprom-Media Holding. This content was made available to all Russian-speaking audiences across the world on March 15[5].

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[5] The offer applies to content that is produced by Gazprom-Media Holding’s assets and does not apply to content for which the Holding acquired the rights. Viewers can still get access to all content of the Premier video platform through a monthly subscription fee of 29 rubles.