TNT will start broadcasting its new series Otpusk (Vacation) on February 1. This is a family comedy about the mass-scale vacations Russians take at resorts in the city of Krasnodar, and it’s the perfect treat for viewers during cold winter days when every Russian dreams of going to a warm beach and enjoying a carefree vacation.

Otpusk is more than just a romantic comedy; it’s about two completely different families with polar opposite mentalities—northern and southern—being forced to coexist under one roof.

The idea to film a family show about how Russians spend their summer vacations came from scriptwriter and creative producer Dmitry Nevzorov, and TNT’s audience is already familiar with his other work, the comedies Polyarny and Ostrov (The Island). Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov, the duo responsible for numerous comedy and drama hits for TNT and PREMIER such as the sitcom Politseysky s Rublyovki (The Policeman from Rublyovka) and Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident), produced it.