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29 April 2022

NTV to Start Airing the Second Season of Maska on February 14

NTV will start airing the second season of the popular show Maska, the Russian adaptation of the international hit The Masked Singer, on February 14. 

There will be 14 new contestants competing for the prize in the new season—singers, actors, showmen, presenters and athletes, whose identities will be kept top secret. They will appear onstage in incredible new costumes designed and created individually for each artist, and a celebrity jury will try to guess who is hiding behind the mask. The jury includes singers Philipp Kirkorov and Valeriya, showman Timur Rodriguez, pop singer and TV host Regina Todorenko and a fifth judge whose name is being kept secret for now.

Showman Vyacheslav Makarov will once again host the show.