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29 April 2022

​NTV uses HbbTV technology to expand broadcast capabilities

As of July 7, NTV viewers will be able to try out the HbbTV setting and become interactive participants in the television broadcast. The new service will be available on all TV sets that have Internet access and an activated HbbTV setting.

HbbTV technology allows viewers to combine linear television with the Internet. It works in the following way - a special button appears during a TV broadcast (Smart TV) that has an HbbTV setting and the viewer can use his remote control to interact with the program on air. For example, the viewer can take part in a quiz or a survey during a program’s broadcast.

The shows Eda Zhivaya i Mertvaya (Food, Dead and Alive) and Chyudo Tekhniki (The Miracle of Technology) will be the first NTV programs to apply the new technology. A series of intellectual quizzes will be released on the programs throughout the summer. Participating viewers will have the chance to win a new smartphone or a full set of books, Eda Zhivaya ili Mervaya, with the author’s autograph.