NTV presents channel at MIPCOM telemarket

NTV presented the first two episodes of the film series Hozhdenie po Mukam (The Road to Calvary) to international buyers and distributors on the first day of the MIPCOM annual trade show in Cannes. The channel, acting as a partner of MIPCOM’s official opening ceremony, also made a presentation about its other outstanding projects.

The lead actresses from Hozhdenie po Mukam, Anna Chipovskaya and Yuliya Snigir, came to support the premiere of the series. They walked on the red carpet together with NTV’s general manager Aleksey Zemsky and general producer Timur Weinstein, and told guests and journalists about working on this large-scale feature.

After the screening of the series Hozhdenie po Mukam, NTV host and journalist Sergey Malozyomov made a presentation of the channel. NTV’s general manager Aleksey Zemsky opened the event, while its general producer Timur Weinstein talked about the growth of the TV channel’s indicators and ongoing work to change the channel’s format. The founder and CEO of Armoza Formats Avi Armoza, president and CEO of Dori Media Group Nadav Palti, as well as the COO of Banijay Group Peter Langenberg spoke about their experiences of working with NTV formats and series on the international market.

“Thanks to the tough competition between TV channels on the Russian market, a good production base was formed: screenwriters, directors, cameramen, producers. International distributors often note the quality of our TV series. Following the spring MIPTV, NTV made deals with two distributors on three series. Now there are several other deals in negotiation stage, including those about program formats. We don’t only sell our formats and series on the international market, we are also looking for foreign ones. In this sense, right now NTV is a platform for adapting successful and high-quality formats,” Timur Weinstein, NTV’s general producer told event guests.

Representatives of Dori Media Group, which earlier acquired exclusive rights to the series Hozhdenie po Mukam, as well as the company Armoza Formats, which distributes the series Trassa Smerti (Highway of Death) and Proklyatie Spyashih (The Curse of the Sleeping), joined the presentation and spoke about their impressions of these projects to buyers and journalists.

The main news of the event was the announcement about the collaboration between NTV and one of the largest international distributors Banijay Rights. As part of the partnership, the format of the show Sekret na Million (A Secret Worth a Million) will be distributed by Banijay Rights across the world on an exclusive basis.

On top of that, NTV channel presented several new series at MIPCOM. Among them, Pobediteli (Winners), a series about three invincible lawyer friends living in the Russian Empire in the 19th century; a retro drama Kaznit Nelzya Pomilovat (Execute Cannot Pardon) about a top-notch recidivist scout who tries to settle her life after the war; the detective drama Shubert about a unique ex-special services officer who is investigating the death of his wife with the help of his incredible hearing, among other projects.