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29 April 2022

​NTV sells format of show Sekret na Million to Banijay Rights

NTV company and one of the biggest international distributors Banijay Rights signed an agreement as part of which the format of the show Sekret na Million (A Secret Worth a Million) will be distributed by Banijay Rights around the world on an exclusive basis.

Sekret na Million is a provocative show, in which celebrities win money for frank answers about their personal lives. The most provocative question, which demands the ultimate honesty from the celebrity, is worth a lot of money. The subjects of the program can transfer the money that they win on the show to charity, if they wish.

The show is based on the elementary interest of the public to the secrets in the personal lives of famous people. The program not only gets high TV ratings, but serves as a source of news about celebrities. The program is also popular in the digital sphere: Sekret na Million has already gathered more than 40 million views on NTV’s YouTube channel and official website. Each episode of the show is widely discussed in the media and in social networks: around 6,000 articles and posts have been published since the start of the year.

“The collaboration with Banijay Rights is an important and big step for us. We believe in the international success of the format Sekret na Million because this project is universal and easy to adapt for any country since each country has its own stars and their fans, who want to find out more about their idols in their own words. The form of the game, with elements of investigation, adds adrenaline and drama to the show,” said Timur Weinstein, general producer of NTV.