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29 April 2022

​NTV-Plus and ivi agree on a partnership

NTV-Plus and the largest Russian online cinema ivi came to an agreement about future cooperation. This is the next step NTV-Plus is taking to expand the range of additional services it offers to satellite TV viewers.

In November 2016, NTV-Plus will introduce a hybrid OTT TV box that features new functions. By connecting the console simultaneously to the satellite antenna and the Internet through Wi-Fi or LAN-cable, viewers will be able to access a number of popular services, in addition to the usual linear TV stream. These services include pending viewing, rewinding, pause and video on demand functions.

The agreement with ivi opens access to an extensive library of content offered on the SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) model. More than 10,000 domestic and foreign films, TV series and cartoons will become available to NTV-Plus subscribers - subscribers of the Interactive TV service.

The partnership between NTV-PLus and ivi will be managed based on a revenue share scheme. In the future, the catalogue of films and programs will continue to expand thanks to the integration of content libraries of other rights holders - the largest players on the market, including Gazprom-Media Holding.

“We want, first of all, to put together the fullest offer of quality content. And secondly, to give the subscriber an opportunity to create his own individual profile of media consumption. The goal is to make sure that the viewer, once connected to the services of NTV-Plus, is able to find everything that he needs and remains with us,” said Mikhail Dyomin, general manager of NTV-Plus.

Ivi holds the largest library of film content that is available on the Russian-language Internet. Along with a subscription to NTV-Plus services, this will give viewers the widest possible selection of high-quality legal content on any topic.