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29 April 2022

NTV opens VR studio for Tsentralnoe Televidenie program

This is the first time that NTV is using virtual reality technologies to film a news and analysis program. The VR studio of Tsentralnoe Televidenie (Central Television) opened last weekend. Thanks to innovative methods and devices, a variety of objects can now be visualised in the studio, such as planes, cars, military equipment and even people.

Special control marks were glued around the shooting pavilion to make use of the technology. A device developed using S-Type technology reads the marks. It is mounted on a camera, which is attached to a telescopic crane. The technology makes it possible to transmit the signal about the camera position and focus to a special computer, which then processes this information in a 3D modeling software complex called CARAT VR.

The outcome is 3D images of various virtual objects, which are blended into the real studio space. The film crew can ‘fly around’ these objects from various angles and the program hosts interact with the objects in such a way that the viewer feels as if the objects are in the studio.