The second season of TNT’s Zhuki (Beetles)—the story of three talented IT experts balancing work in a remote village with their life’s mission of creating a unique dating app that will make them rich—airs on TNT starting April 5 at 20:00.

We’ve all been waiting almost two years for the new season, and there’s a lot more than just a trip back to the sunny and wholesome village of Zhuki in store for us. The main characters will find themselves in brand-new adventures, and life’s about to get a lot more intense: they’ll meet new people and old friends will reveal themselves in new, unexpected ways. Their stories will become more dramatic and in-depth and their actions more radical.

However, Zhuki is still the same topical, funny story about true friendship, how different people endure love’s woes, and all the ways in which the mystifying Russian soul is manifested.