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21 December 2023

Not just blogging: 40% of young people want to work in movie production and 22% — in TV

Gazprom-Media Holding and the Tvoi Khod (Your Move) All-Russian Student Project, which is implemented by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) with the help of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and is part of the Russia — Land of Opportunity presidential platform, conducted a large-scale survey on the demand for media professions among young people across Russia. The survey showed which media professions young people choose at the beginning of their career paths and why they value such jobs. The survey was organized as part of Gazprom-Media Holding’s PROfnavigator educational and practical project, which focuses on developing skills among those interested in the media industry.

Young people choose blogging, TV and movies

Blogging is the leading media profession among young people (34%*). The second most popular profession is working on TV with almost a quarter of respondents interested in the specialty of TV correspondent. Professions related to film production are also popular: 20% want to try their hand at directing, while another 20% want to try screenwriting.

Creative self-realization is more important than fame for young people

Despite the desire for blogging and television, fame is not a driving force for most young people. The possibility of becoming a media personality is only attractive to 8% of young people. 51% of the respondents named expressing their ideas through creativity as the main advantage of working in the media. It is also important for young people to influence public opinion and shape the media space (38%), develop communication skills and empathy (31%). Young people also mention opportunities to travel, meet interesting people, and create content that can be of use to people.

Only 11% consider a flexible or remote work schedule to be an advantage. The same number consider it a benefit to work with the latest technologies.

Young people primarily want to build media careers in the entertainment segment

40% of respondents view work with entertainment content as the most interesting for them. Information and socio-political areas were selected by 28% and 14% respectively.

Today, university graduates with fresh, unconventional ideas are highly valuable to employers. That is why Gazprom-Media Holding constantly works with young people as part of its own PROfnavigator project. Over the past two years, we have organized about 300 events for more than 17,000 young people. Our specialists inspire work in the media, teach first practical skills, and organize internships for the most motivated students.
Antonina Priezzheva HR Director of Gazprom-Media Holding
The media sphere is hugely attractive for young talents, and it is highly rewarding that young people’s priorities are the creation of inspiring and useful ideas rather than the pursuit of popularity. It is important for young people to influence, to bring real positive changes to society, the region and the country, and to create meanings and fill everything around them with them. For such energized and active students, the Your Move project is a platform where people can unlock their potential and give a start to their creative paths.
Kristina Shenk Head of the “Your Move” All-Russian Student Project

Respondent sampling and general information

The all-Russian study involved 2,233 participants, with an equal sample of men and women. 88% of them are 18 to 24 years old, 7% are up to and including 17 years old, and 5% are 25 years old or more. 88% are studying at institutes of higher education, 5% have already graduated from them, 4% are still studying at specialized secondary educational establishment, 1% have finished school and are not continuing their studies, 1% of respondents have graduated from school and are not continuing their studies, and 1% of respondents are studying at school.

Gazprom-Media Holding is a partner of the Your Move project and Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). The holding signed a cooperation and collaboration agreement with Rosmolodezh at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2023. The parties agreed to implement and publicize joint initiatives. The goal of the partnership is to promote the social, cultural, educational, moral and physical development of Russia’s youth.

PROfnavigator is part of Gazprom-Media Holding’s PRO corporate social responsibility program. The project is being implemented at the initiative of the holding and its member companies at their own expense. Your Move is a large-scale student community in Russia that forms a favorable environment for the generation and development of projects and initiatives of active young people who live and create in the country.

*In some questions survey participants were able to select more than one answer option, so the sum of answers is not always equal to 100%