On April 9 at 19:00, Friday! channel will launch its new show Boy s Girls (Fight with Girls). This is the first joint show of popular comedians and actors Aleksandr Gudkov and Ekaterina Varnava. At the heart of the project is the eternal question - who is cooler, men or women?

Famous media personalities will be guests on the new show, which is hosted by Aleksandr Gudkov and Ekaterina Varnanva. Among the guests are singers Elena Temnikova, IOWA, Anna Sedokova and Zivert, rapper Sasha ST, blogger Yang Ge, choreographer Miguel, actresses Lukerya Ilyashenko and Yulia Topolnitskaya, and many others. The show hosts will divide guests into two teams - men and women - and join them in completing humorous challenges. The star guests will get to feel like kids again, discovering new talents and showing unexpected sides of themselves.