The new TV series Insomnia will be released on October 7 exclusively on PREMIER’s online cinema. The film company 1-2-3 Production worked on the project, with Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov serving as its producers.

For Insomnia’s director Olga Frenkel, this mystical detective series was the first project she filmed in the drama genre. Frenkel earlier filmed the comedy projects Deffchonki (Girls) and #SidYAdoma (#StayingHome). Insomnia is a series that tells the story of a successful hypnotherapist. While he is able to save others, he is unsuccessful in battling his own insomnia and nightmares.

The lead character Yury, played by Gosha Kutsenko, is a convinced agnostic who is able to rationally explain absolutely everything except his own insomnia. This unique hypnotherapist and psychiatrist helps his clients to resolve their biggest problems, but cannot get rid of his own nightmares. In them he sees his ex-wife who committed suicide many years ago. Yury spends his insomniac nights at the clubs. During one such visit, he meets a new young girl Anya who he gets inexplicably attached to.

The Insomnia mystical detective series will be available exclusively to subscribers of the PREMIER online cinema.