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29 April 2022

​First screenlife sitcom about life in self-isolation available on PREMIER

On April 14, the PREMIER video service launched the sitcom #SidYadoma (#StayingHome) about life in self-isolation. The project was created by its own PREMIER Studios and became the first sitcom done in a unique screenlife format where the action and dialogue take place in video conference mode. PREMIER subscribers get free access to the series, with new episodes to appear once a week.

The sitcom #SidYadoma was developed by producers Valery Fyodorovich (director of TV-3 channel) and Evgeny Nikishov (chief producer at TV-3) based on a script by Olga Frenkel and Maria Mironova. Popular Russian actors took part in the show, including Aleksandr Robak, Gosha Kutsenko, Anna Mikhalkova, Boris Dergachev, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Olesya Zheleznyak, Yulia Alexandrova and others. Production of the first episode took 10 days, from the development of the idea to the episode’s release on PREMIER.

The sitcom’s plot centers on a group of employees of a small hardware store chain KlinKhos. The employees try to work from home, but constantly stumble on comical everyday problems. The main character is store owner Gennady Borisovich, played by Aleksandr Robak, who tries to smooth out the workflow through regular video calls to colleagues. But the discussion of work issues turns into a discussion of personal issues: former and current wives, their parents, secret affairs, homeschooled children, and someone is even forced to work inside a closet. The viewers of the series will discover that even during self-isolation life is never boring.